May Reflections


May was a great first month for Ships Ahoy.  We follow an awesome curriculum called Funshine Express. In the month of May we talked about May Flowers, Friendly Monsters, and North American Animals.  We worked on the letter “Y” and the number “2”.  We learned the Spanish words for “19” and “20” and the sign for “Y” and “Z”.  The teachers and children had a blast with the art projects and the different science and math experiences.  We even had a day where we made Monster cookies.


With the nice weather out it is a great time to get outside and plant flowers.  We made many different versions of flower art projects, but what a way to spend an hour of family time outside learning with each other. 


Our infants even had a good time with Ms. Stephanie making art with their hands and feet.  They also were introduced to baby sign language.  Ms. Stephanie worked on showing them “please” and “thank you” and “black” and “white”. 


We had several developmental accomplishments this month.  One of our infants rolled over for the first time, and one of our Toddlers learned to potty train.


We also know Oklahoma has those rainy days so here is a fun recipe for homemade play-doh that last forever. 


Makes 2 cups of play-doh:


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