Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday, 6:00am-6:30pm

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Enrollment Fee (non-refundable): $70.00 per child
$95.00 for 2 or more children


Infants (birth-11 months) $160.00 ea
Toddlers (12-23 months) $155.00 ea
2 year olds (24-35 months) $150.00 ea
2 year old & potty trained $140.00 ea
3-4 year olds (36-48 months) $120.00 ea
School-age (4 year olds in half day Pre-K) $110.00 ea
School-age (5 yrs & up before & after school) $85.00 ea
School-age (5 yrs & up before OR after school) $75.00 ea
School-age (Summer, Spring break, Christmas break only) $125.00 ea
Part Time (3 days a week maximum) $40.00/day

 Tuition includes a nutritional breakfast, lunch, and & afternoon snack

 ***There will also be a 15% discount for having two or more children enrolled at Ships Ahoy Child Care. 

You will also receive a 2 week vacation without charge every year, after being enrolled for 6 months.

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