Our wonderful parents are singing our praises! 


My 3 month old daughter just started at Ships Ahoy. I am a first time mom and needed to return to work since my maternity leave was up. I looked at several day cares in Coweta and Broken Arrow and there were none any where near as clean as Ships Ahoy. The staff is very friendly and made me feel so secure about taking my daughter there.... The first day I dropped her off I just cried and cried because I didn't want to leave her but Ginnie and Stephanie helped me through it and said I could call as much as I needed to check on her (which I did) and everytime they would tell me exactly what she had been doing and that she was just fine. I was terrified that my baby would just be left lying in a crib all day but she isn't, they play and sing and do art even with the babies! I have had such a wonderful experience with them so far and really want to recommend them to anyone looking for a loving and caring place to take their children. I have nothing but good things to say about them so far and my daughter seems to love it their because she is all smiles when I pick her up!- Jennifer R.


I looked at several centers in the Coweta/BA area and I was very impressed with Ships Ahoy. The staff is friendly and the center is very clean. My 10 month old has only been going to Ships Ahoy part time for about 3 wks. I am a first time mother and Ships Ahoy is my daughters first day care. I feel like the staff sincerely cares about my daughter. So far, my husband and I are very pleased and my daughter seems to like it also. We get daily reports that give every detail of her day; such as, singing, reading books, playing outside, practice standing and walking, sleeping, etc. My daughter is already bringing art projects home - very cute! - Shannon S.